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What Problems Can I Expect with VoIP?

A common question we hear is, “Will my VoIP calls sound clear?” In short, the answer is that your calls can sound very clear. But there are several considerations to address. Since VoIP is wholly dependent on your data network, it is important to ensure your network is reliable and able to support voice traffic.

If you are implementing Cloud VoIP your Internet connection is critical. Most Internet connections have different upload and download speeds with the upload speed usually being significantly lower than download. Continue reading

Can VoIP Support Paging?

Paging can be accomplished two different ways – external paging through speakers and horns, or internal paging through the telephone sets.

Most manufacturing plants and warehouses or other high noise areas require an external amplified paging system. External paging speakers and horns are available as self-amplified systems, meaning that you do not need a separate amplifier to boost the sound levels. Continue reading

The Keys to Success with VoIP

Voice over IP is a real-time application that runs over data networks. VoIP has emerged as the communications technology of choice for many organizations. The features and cost savings are compelling and audio quality is typically indistinguishable from traditional, legacy phone systems. VoIP also eliminates the hassle and expense of maintaining separate voice and data circuits. With everything VoIP has going for it, a successful implementation is not guaranteed. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” really holds true here. So here are the keys to success with VoIP…

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Hosted Cloud VoIP Provider Checklist

Hosted Cloud VoIP Provider ChecklistWhen it comes to VoIP phone systems, an on-premises solution is no longer the only option. Businesses can now opt for a Cloud voice service. For businesses struggling with procuring and maintaining their own servers, software and phone systems, it can make more sense to rely on a pay-as-you-go Cloud service. The provider’s data center becomes a “virtual” resource that can be accessed from any location and any device to make and receive calls. All the productivity features of an on-premises solution are available from the Cloud. Choosing the right Cloud VoIP provider, however, requires some due diligence…

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